Project Veritas Exec Exposes Why Twitter Targets Julian Assange and Refuses to ‘Blue Check’ Verify His Account

A new hidden camera investigation from Project Veritas captured Twitter Direct Messaging Engineer Pranay Singh admitting that the US government pressures them to mess with the accounts of people they wish to censor.

When asked about Julian Assange’s lack of verification and his account mysteriously going down on Christmas Eve, Singh said that the government pressures them “because they don’t like people messing with their politics, and he has sh-t on a lot of people.”

Twitter issues ‘blue check’ verification badges to high profile people in order to confirm the person tweeting from the account is in fact them, rather than an impersonator — though it has become increasingly political.

A source extremely close to WikiLeaks told the Gateway Pundit at the time when Assange’s account was shut down that it was a “SNAFU”, not censorship, but the responses to the questions regarding the Twitter account of the publisher remain valid.

Assange’s account being unverified has created massive confusion on the platform as accounts impersonating him exist to spread misinformation. These accounts mirror his real account in many ways and are effective at deceiving casual supporters.

“Do you get requests from the government to take down celebrities?” a Project Veritas journalist asked.

“Oh, all the f-cking time,” Singh responded.

The discussion was part of an explosive 15 minute long video exposing Twitter’s political censorship.


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