President Trump Goes Scorched Earth on Dianne Feinstein For ‘Possibly Illegally’ Releasing Fusion GPS Transcript

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) unilaterally released Fusion GPS’s full testimony from an August 2017 interview Tuesday.

Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley’s spox responded immediately Tuesday to Feinstein’s unilateral move: “It’s totally confounding that Senator Feinstein would unilaterally release a transcript of a witness interview in the middle of an ongoing investigation..Her decision was made without consulting Chairman Grassley,” reported Fox News’ Chad Pergram

On Wednesday Dianne Feinstein claimed she was ‘pressured’ to release the transcript then immediately backtracked!

Feinstein’s other excuse? She claims she’s suffering from a ‘bad cold’ which may have ‘slowed down her mental facilities’.

President Trump took to his Twitter account and scorched the Democrat Senator.

President Trump is not going to let Dianne Feinstein get away with unilaterally releasing the Fusion GPS transcript. Feinstein is a dinosaur. She’s been in the swamp so long that she actually thinks she can do anything she wants without fear of reprisal.

Trump tweeted Thursday night, “Democrat Dianne Feinstein should never have released secret committee testimony to the public without authorization. Very disrespectful to committee members and possibly illegal. She blamed her poor decision on the fact she had a cold – a first!”

The president zinged “Sneaky” Dianne Feinstein on Wednesday on Twitter, “The fact that Sneaky Dianne Feinstein, who has on numerous occasions stated that collusion between Trump/Russia has not been found, would release testimony in such an underhanded and possibly illegal way, totally without authorization, is a disgrace. Must have tough Primary!”

The president is correct. Senator Dianne Feinstein has stated numerous times that she has not seen any evidence of ‘Russian collusion’. The Democrats are desperate as the Hillary-funded Russia dossier continues to take down the Deep State.

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