Photo: DREAMERs at State of the Union Watch Party Hang ‘Dream Act’ Poster of Pres. Trump Being Violently Attacked

AP reporter Russell Contreras sat in on a State of the Union address watch gathering held by several dozen young illegal aliens in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tuesday night.

Contreras posted several phots and short video clips of sullen illegal aliens as they watched the speech to Congress by President Donald Trump.

One photo by posted by Contreras shows a yellow poster illustrated with black ink labeled “DREAM ACT” that featured a malevolent superhero attacking a black suit wearing President Donald Trump from behind, violently grabbing his head and hair and appearing to force Trump off his feet.


The poster was not in an earlier photo of the room.

The poster was seen being held by a man, laughing uproariously, wearing a black ‘Resist & Fight back’ t-shirt.

Several requests via Twitter to Contreras about the poster received no reply.

Videos of the Dreamers watching the speech.

Apparently the Dreamers’ ‘Dream Act’ is to violently attack President Trump.

Update: Enlarged version.

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