Official Army Twitter Account ‘Likes’ Tweet From Liberal Actress Mocking President Trump

The official Twitter account of the United States Army ‘liked’ a tweet from actress Mindy Kaling that mocked President Donald Trump on Saturday evening.

The tweet was a gif of her character from The Office, Kelly Kapoor, subtitled, “you guys, I’m like really smart now, you don’t even know,” in response to Trump’s tweet that had stated that he’s “really smart.”

Kaling was a fierce supporter of Hillary Clinton during the election who had openly supported her beginning in the primaries — back when she was still working to rig the nomination against Senator Bernie Sanders.

It remains unclear if an employee went rogue, accidentally forgot to log into their own account or were hacked. The hacking theory seems unlikely — since they simply ‘liked’ a tweet. If someone went through the trouble of hacking an account, you would think they would be far more creative with it.

This is not the first time anti-Trumpers behaved inappropriately with government Twitter accounts.

Following the inauguration, the National Park Service also faced criticism for retweeting two tweets that mocked the size of the crowd. The disrespect lead to the Trump administration ordering the Department of the Interior to shut down their Twitter accounts.

“All bureaus and the department have been directed by incoming administration to shut down Twitter platforms immediately until further notice,” said an email to Park Service employees following the incident.


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