Nigel Farage Dismisses Claims He Visited Assange Multiple Times as ‘Conspiratorial Nonsense’

Nigel Farage is dismissing the outlandish claims that he had met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on multiple occasions, made during sworn testimony by Fusion GPS boss Glenn Simpson.

Farage told the Gateway Pundit that the claims are “total conspiratorial nonsense.” He added, “I went to see him once with LBC and that is it.”

In his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, Simpson claimed that Farage had slipped Assange a thumb drive in 2016 — but the Brexit leader did not meet with Assange until March, 2017.

Simpson’s firm was also behind the infamous debunked golden showers dossier that was published by Buzzfeed.

Responding to the claims, Assange pointed to the fact that he is under constant, and expensive, surveillance. He explained that if there had been multiple meetings, British intelligence would surely be able to prove it.

“Since the UK state engages in an illicit multi-million pound surveillance operation against my visitors, who are recorded using the hi-tech surveillance cameras it has emplaced on opposing buildings, I am sure it will be delighted to answer whether Mr. Farage visited me in 2016,” Assange tweeted on Friday afternoon.


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