Gateway Pundit Listed as One of Top Russian Propaganda Outlets on Hamilton 68 Website – NBC Uses List to Smear Republicans

This is how a media smear works. House Republicans view a secret memo on the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign, express outrage at what they learned and demand the memo be released to the American people so they can see what their government was doing.

A left wing site, Hamilton68, that tracks alleged, but unnamed, “Russia-linked influence networks on Twitter” announces those alleged networks are promoting the Release the Memo hashtag.

Then NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian trumpets the unsubstantiated findings of the left wing group with a false statement accusing House Republicans of working with Russian propagandists, “Russian propagandists and House Republicans have joined together to embrace #releasethememo.

Of course The Gateway Pundit is listed on the Hamilton68 site as one of the ‘Top Domains’, ‘Top URLs’ and ‘Top Trending URL’s in its report on Release the Memo.

Business Insider published an article that tried to diminish the Release the Memo campaign as a Russian influence operation.

Russia-linked Twitter accounts are working overtime to help Devin Nunes and WikiLeaks

Republican lawmakers are pushing for the House Intelligence Committee to release a memo written by the panel’s chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes, that outlines purported surveillance during the transition period against President-elect Donald Trump by former President Barack Obama’s administration.

And Russia-linked Twitter bots have jumped on the bandwagon.

#ReleaseTheMemo is the top-trending hashtag among Twitter accounts linked to Russian influence operations, according to Hamilton 68, a website launched last year that says it tracks Russian propaganda in near-real time.

The frequency with which the accounts have been promoting the hashtag has spiked by 233,000% over the past 48 hours, according to the site. The accounts’ references to the “memo,” meanwhile, have increased by 68,000%.

The most-shared domain among the accounts has been WikiLeaks, and the most-shared URL has been a link to WikiLeaks’ “submit” page.

WikiLeaks said on Thursday that it would reward anyone with access to the “FISA abuse memo” who chooses to submit it to the site. The Russia-linked accounts have evidently been sharing the “submit” page to push the memo’s release…”

Screen images of The Gateway Pundit listed on Hamilton 68 – GMF Securing Democracy Alliance website on January 19, 2018.

Naturally, Hollywood Democratic Party activist Alyssa Milano repeated the House GOP-Russia smear.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) joined the smear attack, “Dear @housegop: When Russian bots & Wikileaks are cheering your brainwashing #TrumpRussia memo, you should ask yourself whose bidding are you really doing.”

See how this works?

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