Mitt Romney Takes Swipe at President Trump – Condemns His Views on Third World Migrants (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney slammed President on Monday condemning his views on third world migrants.

** One-Fifth of El Salvador reside in the United States today.
** An estimated One-Fourth of Mexicans now live in the US.
** There are half a million Hondurans in the US.

Mitt Romney says Trump should not speak mean words.

FOX News reported:

Mitt Romney took a swipe at Donald Trump on Monday, condemning the crude comments the president was said to have made about Haiti and African countries — calling them “inconsistent (with) America’s history and antithetical to American values” with a reference to Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The poverty of an aspiring immigrant’s nation of origin is as irrelevant as their race,” Romney tweeted. “The sentiment attributed to POTUS is inconsistent w/America’s history and antithetical to American values. May our memory of Dr. King buoy our hope for unity, greatness, & ‘charity for all.’”

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