MARK LEVIN: Why I’m CERTAIN Steele Dossier Was Used To Obtain FISA Warrant For Trump Campaign Surveillance (AUDIO)

On his nationally-syndicated radio program Monday, talk show host Mark Levin revealed the simple reason why he believes the ‘Piece of trash’ Steele dossier was used to obtain the FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. 

Video Credit: DailyRushbo


LEVIN: I’ll tell you how I know the dossier, this 35-page piece of trash, put together by a piece of trash with the assistance of a piece of trash, funded by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee, collaborating obviously. Hired the law firm, the same hack lawyer Marc Elias, hired the same hit group Fusion GPS and they go to the Kremlin and other sources through this guy Christopher Steele. Let me tell you how I know the dossier was used in full or in part and then watch the backbenchers mention it. Ready? Because the Justice Department and the FBI refuses to deny it. You’re not revealing classified information by denying it. You’re not violating any rule by denying it. “Did you use the dossier in whole or in part to apply for one or more FISAs in your applications?” “No we did not.” It’s that simple.

In December, appearing by the House Judiciary Committee, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein admitted to Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) he knew whether or not the FBI paid for the dossier, yet smugly refused to answer the question.

As transcribed by The Gateway Pundit‘s Cristina Laila, Ron DeSantis asked Rosenstein, “The Russia investigation. Who started it? Who was the agent? Was it Strzok who started it? Who opened the case?”

Rosenstein fidgeted as he said, “That matter is under review by the Intelligence Committee and there is nothing that I can talk about publicly regarding the initiation of the investigation.”

DeSantis then asked Rosenstein, point blank, if the FBI paid for the dossier.

“I’m not in position to answer that question,” Rosenstein answered.

“Do you know the answer to the question?” DeSantis asked.

“I believe I know the answer but uh the Intelligence Committee is the appropriate committee-” Rosenstein replied.

As Levin said, Justice Department officials, such as Rosenstein, could have squashed speculation about where the funds originated from to pay for the dossier, but opted not to, at least, in public.

A red flag, indeed.

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