Liberal Media Hacks Insist Soros Upstaged President Trump at Davos=> Then The Truth Leaked Out

The far left New Yorker Magazine published a report on Friday titled:

How George Soros Upstaged Donald Trump at Davos

The New Yorker was hoping to convince Americans that far left billionaire George Soros upstaged the American President at Davos.

Then this happened.

The truth leaked out.

Soros spoke to a disinterested and distracted room.

No one paid attention to the left-wing billionaire.

Then there was Trump!

When the president arrived in Davos he was given a hero’s welcome.
When asked if he would be received well the president joked, “I already am. Look.”

It was a YUUGE Trump win again.

A huge win for Trump means the media has to lie.

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