Leaked Documents: Fusion GPS Admits Under Oath They Collude with Liberal Media

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) unilaterally released Fusion GPS’s full testimony from an August 2017 interview Tuesday.

Congressional investigators interviewed Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson in August about the Russia dossier. Republican leaders pushed back on the release of the transcript but Feinstein released it anyway.

During the testimony Simpson told the Senate committee he colludes with the liberal media all the time.

On Tuesday Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) released the entire transcript of Glenn Simpson’s testimony to the senate.

During the testimony Simpson admitted he colluded with the liberal mainstream media.

Question: Does part of Fusion GPS’s business involve attempting to have media outlets publish articles that further the interests of your clients?

Fusion GPS: Yeah, you could — I mean, generally speaking, we are — genereally we tend to respond to inquiries more than try to push things, but, you know, we work with the press frequently.

Question: And has Fusion GPS ever provided information to journalists in order to encourage them to publish articles or air stories that further your client’s interests?

Fusion GPS: Yes.

In November Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson spoke with House investigators in a closed-door meeting.


Fox News’ Catherine Herridge reported Simpson never even verified the Dossier claims before peddling the document to liberal reporters.

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