Julian Assange Tweets Out Cryptic Chess Game One Day After Receiving Ecuadorian Citizenship (Updated)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange tweeted out a picture of a ‘safe white king’ chess match one day after he received Ecuadorian citizenship.

Zero Hedge describes the chess game famous 1918 chess match in which Cuban chess master José Raúl Capablanca defeats U.S. champion Frank Marshall using a pawn. 

Julian Assange set Twitter ablaze after he tweeted out this cryptic chess game on Friday.

Via Zero Hedge, the move which Assange tweets can be seen below at approximately 7:14, in which the narrator says “And the white king is finally feeling safe.”


Others pointed out Capablanca’s name translates to “White Hat” which is another way to refer to ethical or above board computer hackers (in contrast black hat would refer to unethical hackers).

On Wednesday, Julian Assange tweeted a photo of himself wearing an Ecuadorian soccer jersey amid reports that he was granted a passport from the nation on December 21.

Rumors and speculation from conspiracy theorists have been swirling since the tweet, including people falsely claiming that Assange has left the embassy.

A WikiLeaks legal source close to the publisher told the Gateway Pundit on Tuesday morning that not only are these claims false, the political persecution of WikiLeaks has ramped up substantially.

UPDATE— TGP contributor Cassandra Fairbanks found this — Assange tweeted out a move from a historic 1918 chess match considered one of the best of all time.

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