James Woods Unleashes on Anti-American Democrats: ‘Send the Illegal Aliens to Schumer’s House’

The Democrats are the enemy of the American people.

They side with illegal aliens over our own military servicemen and women.

Anti-American Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) shut down the government Friday night as Senate Dems dug in their heels on DACA.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi celebrated and bragged about protecting the invaders (DREAMERS).

Chuck Schumer announced Monday afternoon the Senate had reached a short-term agreement to end the government shutdown in an 81-18 vote.

According to Schumer, negotiations on DACA will be taken up before the next scheduled shutdown on February 8th. 

A recent study of DACA Dreamers found that most of these new Democrat voters reside in Republican states.

And today a NEW REPORT found that there are actually 3.6 MILLION DREAMERS IN THE UNITED STATES!

Patriotic actor James Woods unleashed on the Democrats Monday. He also issued a stern warning about the DACA scam.

“This is why the government is shut down… Thank you,


“Send them to Schumer’s house. Or Pelosi’s. These children, full of dreams, need the welcoming arms of our Democrat leaders…” Woods tweeted.

Woods then said, “ would burn the Constitution for a single illegal vote.”

Woods then issued a stern warning, “The scam is a plan to pervert our sacred electoral process. Make no mistake. This is an organized coup by Democrats. DACA is a sanctioned invasion.”

James Woods is 100% correct. A leaked memo shows DACA recipients are critical to Democrats’ ‘future electoral success’.

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