James O’Keefe Blasts Liberal Media: “We Broke the Biggest Censorship Story of Our Times. Why Aren’t You Covering This?” (VIDEO)

On Thursday James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released an investigative video on Twitter shadow banning that is being compared to his culture changing ACORN undercover videos from 2009.

The 2009 O’Keefe video series resulted in ACORN losing its federal funding and its filing Chapter 7 liquidation a few months later.

On Thursday morning James O’Keefe released the a stunning video showing how Twitter engineers ban conservatives through “shadow banning.”


The video shows how Twitter engineers regularly censor conservative views on their platform.
The video has over 138,000 views in about 8 hours.

On Thursday night James O’Keefe challenged the liberal media to cover the story.

The liberal mainstream media ignored the story today as they regularly do when the story does not fit their left-wing narrative.

James O’Keefe specifically called on Jake Tapper to cover the story.

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