“I’m Gonna Go Curl Up in the Fetal Position”: POTUS Trump’s SOTU Address Leaves CNN Commentator in Shambles

President Trump’s first State of the Union address was a smashing success. Not only was the speech well received by pundits across the political spectrum, but even polls conducted by mainstream media outlets like CBS, reported an overwhelming majority of viewers approved of it.

However, unlike millions of Americans who found the speech unifying and uplifting, CNN commentator Sally Kohn was left in shambles. 

Here’s a flavor of what Kohn tweeted after the address.


Chants of “USA!” sent Kohn into a tizzy.

“I am a patriot and I love my country but the way people have been chanting “USA” lately, especially in response to nationalist hate mongering, sends chills down my spine.”

“Well that was a truly scary speech. Partly because it was intended to be — to scare people into aggressive stances on immigration, North Korea, etc. But also, the idea of ramping up the politics of fear to an even greater extreme is terrifying. ,” added Kohn.

Kohn was so triggered by the address that for the next “few hours,” she vowed to “curl up in the fetal position.”

Finally, Kohn urged her followers to vote out President Trump in 2020.

“If you’re going to sleep terrified of MS-13 and North Korea, I’m sorry we have a president who irrationally exacerbates and exploits fear for his extremist agenda. And if you’re going to sleep terrified by that president, do everything you can to elect a different one in 2020.”

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