WTH?… FBI Rules Deep State Andrew McCabe Had No Conflict of Interest in Clinton Email Investigation

The FBI said Deep State Andrew McCabe had no conflicts of interest in the Hillary Clinton email investigation in documents posted to the bureau’s website Friday.

The documents state that McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe announced her run for the Virginia Senate seat in March of 2015 and since Andrew McCabe’s role as Deputy Director didn’t start until 3 months after she lost her electoral bid, there was no conflict of interest.

According to the documents, Andrew McCabe consulted with ethics officers in advance if his wife’s campaign would be a conflict of interest. At the time, McCabe was an assistant director at the FBI’s DC field office.

“From the first contemplation that his wife would run for office in Virginia, [McCabe] sought out and consulted with ethics officers, which included briefings on the Hatch Act,”


The Hatch Act prohibits FBI agents from campaigning in partisan races. Photos of McCabe campaigning for his wife raised questions about McCabe’s compliance with the law.

The FBI documents claim that since McCabe was only an assistant director at the time, he blindly provided FBI agents with resources and he was “not told what the investigation was about.”

It was only when McCabe became the FBI Deputy Director did he oversee Hillary Clinton’s criminal email investigation.

No conflict of interest? He gave Hillary Clinton the “HQ Special”. Hillary had special treatment because McCabe is closely tied to her!

President Trump recently reminded the world that McCabe, had ties to the Hillary Clinton campaign in a tweet.

Left Wing online publication, Newsweek, previously reported:

Concerns came after revelations by media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, that a political action committee affiliated with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who has ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, contributed almost $500,000 to the 2015 Virginia state Senate campaign of McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe. (She lost the election.) She also received $207,788 from the Virginia Democratic Party, which is connected to McAuliffe, a Democrat.

Too bad for McCabe because the DOJ reopened the Hillary Clinton email investigation this week.

Just before Christmas it was revealed Andrew McCabe planned on retiring in March of this year, just in time to receive his full benefits.

Andrew McCabe’s retirement announcement comes on the heels of a major shake up at the FBI; Wray just removed Comey “confidant” and suspected leaker James Baker from his top post as general counsel.

President Trump went scorched earth on McCabe and questioned his race to retirement.

McCabe was also involved in a conversation with FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page about an “insurance policy” against a Trump victory during the 2016 election.

Andrew McCabe is beyond corrupt. Why the hell wasn’t he fired immediately after Trump became President??

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