HuffPost Contributor Exposed as Domestic Abuser Admits to Violence Against MORE Women in Bizarre Confession

Following the publication of our interview with his ex-wife who says that he had beat her in front of their baby, Huffington Post contributor Christian Chiakulas published a strange virtue-signalling confession on Medium where he admitted to violence against additional women.

Christian Chiakulas

On Wednesday morning, the Gateway Pundit published an exclusive interview with Amber Sweeney, who went on the record about when she pressed charges against her self-styled “feminist” ex-husband in 2016 for the abuse. She was also forced to obtain a protective order against him for stalking following an incident where he attacked her and her current boyfriend outside her job.

“He had punched me so hard I had a black eye. He has thrown me through a wall. Kicked me and beat me,” his ex-wife, Amber Sweeney told the Gateway Pundit. “He shoved me through the wall in front of our little one. She was a baby at the time.”

We had reached out to Sweeney after the lawyer representing Jordan Chariton, who Chiakulas has previously published a dubious report about, uncovered the charges. The case, and where the information came from, was barely more than a footnote in our story.

In response, Chiakulas published a strange statement titled, ‘#MeToo: Confessions of an Abuser,” in which he somehow, seemingly manipulatively, manages to virtue signal about the fact that he is admitting to hitting women.

“Back in October, when #MeToo began trending, many people asked the question of why it is always on the victim to come forward. Why is it their responsibility to push this conversation, to publicly out themselves and relive traumatizing moments in order to get society to do anything about patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and rape culture?” Chiakulas wrote, making sure to hit every social justice buzzword as if he was keeping a scorecard. “It shouldn’t be. For every woman or girl or non-man who is a victim, there is a man who is a perpetrator of some kind of abuse. I’m one of them, and the only thing more shameful than admitting it publicly would be to keep it a secret.”

He goes on to blame the revelations coming to light on his story about Chariton, instead of simply focusing on an apology.

Additionally, and most shockingly, he confirms that there were other women he abused beyond Sweeney.

“Many years ago, in my late teens, I was involved in two relationships where I was extremely violent and unstable. I’m not going to make excuses. All I can say is that I was a bad person,” the 25-year-old Chiakulas wrote.

The incident in which his ex-wife pressed charges for attacking her and her then-boyfriend was approximately a year and a half ago.

Though he plead guilty to the charges, and admits to hitting other women, he does not admit to the physical abuse of his ex-wife.

“I may have stopped punching, but I did not stop violence. Throughout my marriage I was intensely emotionally and verbally abusive. I always told myself, ‘As long as I’m not hitting her…’ Instead I called her names, demeaned her, threatened her, screamed at her, and everything else in the book,” Sweeney wrote.

He did, however, admit to attempting to seek custody of their child to retaliate against her.”I, in a moment of emotional distress, threatened to take my daughter away from my now-ex wife. Using children (or even threatening to) to hurt your partner in a relationship is also a form of abuse,” he wrote.

“Men are the greatest purveyors of violence against women (and other non-men) in the world. Western society is fundamentally patriarchal, and toxic masculinity and abuse culture are two facets of that. Despite my real hatred for patriarchy and all its evils, I have been guilty of supporting it and maintaining it. I have failed to live up to my values,” the self-admitted abuser virtue-signalled while promising to one day pay reparations to the women he has harmed, if he can ever afford to.

“He is fake. As fake as they get. He’s also a compulsive liar. He is no feminist,” Sweeney told the Gateway Pundit in the interview.

Those who wish to help Sweeney with her continued legal fight against her abuser can do so in her crowdfunding campaign.

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