Holy Crap! YouTube Star Logan Paul Finds Dead Body in Japan Forest… And Posts Video

YouTube star Logan Paul discovered a dead body while walking through a forest in Japan a posted the video to his YouTube account.

The YouTube star apologized after receiving a lot of backlash for posting a vlog showing the dead body.

An online hate mob is now attacking the 20-year-old YouTube star.

VIDEO of Logan Paul’s reaction:


More reaction video:

Logan Paul was with a group of friends walking through a forest in Mount Fuji, Japan Sunday when they discovered a young man who had committed suicide. The deceased man was hanging from a tree.

Mount Fuji Japan is known as “Suicide Forest” because a the large number of suicides that take place there every year.

The original video was 15 minutes long, however; Logan deleted it from his YouTube account.

Portions of the graphic video are making the rounds on Twitter. The Gateway Pundit decided against posting the more graphic clips captured by the YouTube star.

Logan Paul issued an apology saying he didn’t post the graphic video for ‘views’ but rather to raise awareness for suicide.

Many people criticized Paul Logan for smiling and laughing after discovering the dead body.

Others defended Logan saying he’s only 20 years old and he’s coping with seeing something this graphic by using humor.

Online hate mob bullying Logan Paul into himself. Lovely.

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