Historian SLAMS Jeff Flake on His Trump-Stalin Comparison: If Anybody Thinks Trump Controls the Media, They’re Crazy (VIDEO)

Presidential historian Doug Wead blasted Senator Jeff Flake for comparing President Trump to mass murderer and tyrant Joseph Stalin.

On Sunday RINO Jeff Flake compared President Trump to Joseph Stalin on ABC’s This Week.
Flake believes he’s a brilliant historian.

Flake also announced he was going to deliver a speech on the senate floor on Wednesday comparing Trump to Stalin.

On Monday historian Doug Wead slammed the outrageous comparisons by Flake.


Doug Wead: This is outrageous. This is an insult to your intelligence. It’s an insult to the millions of people who died at the hands of that butcher. It’s outrageous! And I saw another comment comparing him (Trump) to Hitler. Both Hitler and Stalin dominated their governments. They dominated the motion picture industry… If anybody thinks that Donald Trump controls the media the way Stalin and Hitler did, they’re crazy.

Via FOX Business Network:

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