Hipster Clothing Shop Vandalized, Labeled ‘Racist,’ Robbed and Threatened for Having a Teepee

A hipster clothing line’s Nashville shop was vandalized and robbed on Friday for having a teepee outside their storefront and in their brand’s logo. The vandals have now published a communique on an Antifa website vowing to continue the harassment unless the “racist” store owners cave to their demands.

Tribe Kelley is exactly where you would imagine annoying 20-somethings from Echo Park to go shopping for their Coachella wardrobes, but respectably — all of their products are made in the USA.

Co-founded by Brian Kelley of the country duo the Florida Georgia Line and his wife Brittney, the brand focuses on “transitional fashion pieces that are intended to keep you feeling comfortable and stylin’ from the plane to the party.”

“Creating jobs domestically and ethically producing our clothing is important to the brand. Each piece is designed with love, carefully sourced and proudly produced right here in the United States,” the website states.

Though the goal of the small business owners appears to be noble by any reasonable person’s expectation, they have found themselves under attack as “colonizers” and the victims of thieves and vandals who have vowed to continue the crimes against them.

The vandals claim to have stolen a large teepee from outside the shop and ripped the teepee cartoon out of the logo on their storefront sign. They also left a note, which they photographed and published on the Antifa website It’s Going Down along with a communique vowing to continue the terrorism if they do not comply with their demands.

“On the 127th anniversary of the Wounded Knee Massacre, an anonymous indigenous group reclaimed a large Tipi from outside of ‘Tribe Kelley’ in Nashville, leaving in its place a banner reading OUR CULTURE IS NOT A FASHION STATEMENT and a letter (image attached). They also ripped the Tipi cartoon out of their storefront sign,” the statement on It’s Going Down read.

The rant added that in response to the theft and vandalism, “Brittney Kelley updated the Tribe Kelley website Friday morning stating that she has some ‘native blood.’”

“It’s obvious just by reading it that she has no connection to or knowledge of her ‘native heritage.’ Using terms so vague that group all of our nations into one giant plains ‘indian’ noble savage stereotype is racist,” the statement continued. “We feel sorry for her Cherokee great great great grandma who was probably a princess and deserves better.”

The author also vowed to continue stealing their property if they attempt to replace it.

“We found the reclamation process pretty easy and will be sure to keep accepting any other tipis they put up!” the statement concluded.

On their website, the Kelley’s explain that their brand “is an eclectic mix of what Brittney & Brian have both gathered from spending time among different cultures. Traveling inspires them each to integrate elements from all over the world into the brand.” 

“The teepee that you find in our logo has several meanings. I am proud to say I have Native American blood in me passed down from my maternal lineage. Brian and I also have a real 23-foot teepee at our home in Nashville, Tennessee that was a wedding gift from Brian’s duo partner, Tyler, and his wife and my good friend, Hayley. The teepee is a place Brian and I shared many special and creative moments, and what better image to symbolize our family, our pack, our Tribe, than a teepee,” Brittany wrote.

The Gateway Pundit has reached out to Brittney and Brian Kelley for comment and will update this article if any additional information is provided.

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