Gun-Hating Hollywood Elitists Surrounded by ‘Strongest Security Ever’ at Golden Globes

The LAPD cleared a 4-mile zone from Santa Monica Blvd all the way past the Beverley Hilton in order to protect the self-congratulating Hollywood elitists attending the Golden Globe Awards Sunday.

Hollywood hypocrites love the protections gun provide only if they are used to protect them. ‘Gun control for thee, but not for me’.

Deadline reported:

Guests driving to the Hilton from Santa Monica were subject to trunk checks and mirror “bomb” checks underneath their vehicles. LAPD had several CBRN Hazmat and K-9 SUVs parked alongside the Hilton on the Santa Monica Boulevard side.

As for inside the hotel: Be sure you have a badge if you plan to cross the lobby. There are various internal security checkpoints inside the Hilton. While it’s common to go through a badge clearance heading to the backstage press area, hotel guests were being scanned coming off the elevator into the lobby, as well as traversing to the pool side of the hotel. The layout for the Globes is far more strategic in its security than at the Microsoft Piazza for the Emmys.

Al Roker tweeted, “I have never seen security like this for the Checkpoint after checkpoint. They are not kidding around. And that’s good.”


Security tighter than ever…

More photos of the security:

2nd Amendment-loving Trump supporters responded.

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