Gregg Jarrett on Hillary and DNC: “These People Need to Be Put Behind Bars” (VIDEO)

Attorney Gregg Jarrett went on Lou Dobbs Tonight to discuss the latest developments in the Mueller witch hunt on Trump.

Crooked Cop Robert Mueller announced today that Steve Bannon was subpoenaed in the non-collusion Russian witch hunt.

Gregg Jarrett says Hillary Clinton and the DNC need to be prosecuted for paying off the Russians for the bogus report on Trump.


Gregg Jarrett: What you can’t do is pay a foreign national or a foreign national can’t contribute to a campaign. Here the DNC and Hillary Clinton paid money to two foreign nationals and that’s a violation of the law. It is a crime. It’s a felony and people have been prosecuted and put behind bars for it. These people need to be prosecuted for this.

Via Lou Dobbs:

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