GOP Gains 13 Points on Democrats in One Month in Latest Polling After Trump Tax Cut Miracle

In December Democrats led Republicans by 18 points in CNN’s generic party polling.

One month later Republicans are down only 5 points after passing the Trump tax cuts.

And that’s before Americans start seeing the increase in their paychecks starting in February.

Axios reported:

Congressional Republicans have seen a bounce in generic polling against Democrats after passing tax cuts last month. A new CNN poll tightened the margin to 5 points — with Democrats at 49% and Republicans at 44%. The same poll showed Democrats leading by 18 points last month.

And meanwhile Democrats shut down government for amnesty for illegal aliens.
That ought to do wonders for their polling once that settles in.

And that is without little help for Republicans by the liberal mainstream media.

The Trump economy is taking hold and it is on fire.

But liberal media will not report on it — And Republican Party is neutered weaklings.


Charles Payne at FOX Business News and economist Liz Peek discussed the roaring economic numbers today on FOX Business Network.

But the corrupt liberal media refused to report on this good news.

Charles Payne:  So from housing to wages to corporate profits and investment, there are remarkable things that are happening to this economy and nobody will talk about it.”

Jobs in all sorts of industries stifled by the Obama Administration are making a resurgence due to their confidence in the Trump economy.

Coal mining, steel and oil are all on the extreme upswing. 

The increase in jobs in these areas is impacting an increasing number of jobs and income in other areas like the restaurant business.

The Atlanta Fed reported that the GDP in the 2nd Quarter is expected to move above 4% for the first time in years.

None of this will be touched on by the liberal mainstream media (MSM).


The media is too busy waging war on President Trump.

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