Fusion GPS Walks Back Its Claim FBI Had ‘Source’ Inside Trump Campaign

The media exploded after Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) unilaterally released Fusion GPS’s full testimony from an August 2017 interview last Tuesday.

After a series of excuses, Dianne Feinstein finally admitted she released the transcript to the public at the request of Fusion GPS’s lawyers.

Shortly after the transcript hit the public, everyone was talking about how Christopher Steele was told the FBI had a ‘source’ inside the Trump campaign feeding the FBI agents information.

According to the transcript, this ‘internal source’ confirmed the claims in the dossier to the FBI thus giving the 35 page document more credibility. Everyone assumed this ‘source’ was Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos since he was the star in the December 30th New York Times article.


Fusion GPS is now walking back the claim the FBI had an ‘internal source’, claiming they “mischaracterized” the source. The ‘source’ was apparently an Australian diplomat.

The correction to Simpson’s original state as reported by The Washington Times:

“A source close to Fusion GPS tells me there was no walk-in source––that was a mischaracterization by Simpson of the Australian diplomat tip about Papadopoulis [sic],” tweeted NBC reporter Ken Dilanian.Whether the source the FBI supposedly told Mr. Steele about could be Mr. Papadopoulos is doubtful. He has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about issues surrounding his contacts with the professor. The criminal complain says the FBI did not interview him until January 2017, three months after Mr. Steele met with the agents in Rome.The story corrections correction caught the eye of Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, Iowa Republican, who on Thursday sent off a letter to Fusion attorney Joshua Levy. Mr. Grassley demanded to know why Mr. Levy did not correct the record after spending hours reviewing the transcript in October and November or contact the committee last Tuesday.” If it is true that your client’s statement to the Committee was a mischaracterization, why did you not attempt to correct your client’s statement as soon as you and/or he realized it was not accurate?” the senator wrote. Mr. Levy did not return a message seeking comment.

NBC News reporter, Ken Dilanian, who by the way has a very cozy relationship with Fusion GPS tweeted, “A source close to Fusion GPS tells me there was no walk-in source — that was a mischaracterization by Simpson of the Australian diplomat tip about Papadopoulis.”

Dilanian then tweeted, “A second source confirms: Steele was not told about a walk-in source. That was a mistake. He was referring to Papadopoulos, via the Australian diplomat.”

The names of Fusion GPS’s FBI contacts were also conveniently redacted from the transcript.

What else is Fusion GPS going to retract?

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