Former Reporter For The Young Turks Files Lawsuit Against Outlet For Racial Discrimination

Andrew Jerrell Jones, a former reporter for The Young Turks (TYT), has filed a lawsuit against the network alleging racial discrimination and wrongful termination.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, Jones worked at The Young Turks from May 2017 to October 2017 and described being subjected to “deranged” treatment by his managing editor, Jonathan Larsen.

When he attempted to confront the network’s founder, Cenk Uygur, his request was ignored. Jones was also asked to sign a non-disparagement agreement in exchange for monetary compensation — which he declined.

Now that the lawsuit has been filed, more detailed allegations have come to light including that Young Turks founder and CEO Cenk Uygur said that complaining about racial bias at his network was a “fireable offense” and that he should “shut the fuck up and deal.”

Jones claims that he was subjected to poor treatment by Larsen, and it eventually escalated to the point where he went to Uygur to discuss it.

“Uygur ignored all of his complaints and instead threatened Complainant stating that complaining about racial discrimination by his supervisor was a ‘fireable offense’ in and of itself. He further stated that he should discuss his issues directly with the person who was committing the discriminatory acts,” the complaint reads.

The lawsuit notes that when Larsen was hired, the progressive network had “one black employee, who was a personal friend of the CEO, at the time, out of approximately 70 individuals and no black reporters.”

The lawsuit claims that he was ultimately fired in retaliation for complaining about racism.

Jones claims that in addition to lost wages and harmed reputation, The Young Turks “further caused him considerable emotional distress that escalated as he was treated in an illegal and bigoted manner.”

Uygur has denied the allegations, prompting Jones’ lawyer Bill Moran to tweet that, “he isn’t lying, he was wronged.”

As we have previously reported, Uygur also has a deep history of racism.

In a July 21, 2001, post about lawyers for 34 Native American tribes filing a lawsuit against tobacco companies for deliberately targeting Indian teens, Uygur wrote that “these Redskins show up everywhere there’s a buck to be made these days (by the way, I actually think Redskin is a rare ethnic term that actually is offensive, I’m only using it now because they’ve made me angry).”

“Now, you’re going to try to convince me that these Indian kids would not have smoked if it weren’t for the big bad tobacco corporations.  Bullshit.  They saw the peace pipe buried up your ass long before they ever saw a cigarette ad,” he wrote.

Uygur also claimed that Japanese women will sleep with American men for purses.

“I hear the same is true in Japan for American men.  Every American is John Wayne to a Japanese girl who needs a new purse, a grammar lesson in English and a decent sized penis for a change,” Uygur wrote.


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