Far Left Social Justice Warriors Vandalize Star Spangled Monument in Baltimore for MLK Day

In 1918 children collected pennies to pay for the Star Spangled Banner monument in Baltimore.

In 2018 leftists defaced it.

The monument was defaced on Dr. Martin Luther King Day.

Far left social justice warriors vandalized the Star Spangled Banner Centennial Monument in Baltimore with red paint over the weekend.
The leftists also wrote “Racist Anthem” on the sidewalk by the statue.

CBS Local reported:


Baltimore historians are working to figure out the best way to remove paint from a delicate statue in Patterson Park after the statue, which honors the national anthem, was damaged by vandals earlier this week.

The Star-Spangled Banner Centennial Monument is still cloaked in red paint, and the clean up project is so delicate, it is now in the hands of historians, who are hoping to clean it without doing any further damage.

From bronze, to blood red.

A century-old statue commemorating the battle of Baltimore is wrapped up in a battle of its own after someone discovered it doused in red paint early Monday morning.

The words ‘Racist Anthem’ were spray painted on the sidewalk in front of the statue, and that has already been scrubbed from the sidewalk.

“Certainly we were disappointed that it had been targeted, but we understand freedom of expression,” Jennifer Robinson, with Friends of Patterson Park. “We just think that this conversation could be had in a more productive way.”

Those who live nearby say they are absolutely disappointed.

“I’ve got tears in my eyes because it’s not a racial thing, it’s a children thing,” said Ann-Louise Novak, who lives nearby.

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