Facts, Alternative Facts, & Inconsistencies In Marine Gun Case

EXCLUSIVE! The Gateway Pundit has obtained the stack of police reports filed in conjunction with the Joey Nelson case. Joseph Nelson is the active duty Marine who drew and fired on an armed intruder trying to break into his home, where his fiance and their 3 week old baby were. Nelson is currently in the Wayne County jail up on multiple felony charges.

The door jamb to the front door of Joey Nelson and Amanda Smith’s home. This was no casual knock of someone who was there to have a coffee.

Let’s start with the statements made by Michael Scott Wilson and Andrea Ward. Ward is Wilson’s girlfriend. Ward was at the house of Nelson and his girlfriend, Amanda Smith, claiming that she wanted to leave because she “felt threatened” by Joey’s words. So she went outside, right in the driveway of the house, and texted the address to Wilson so he could come and pick her up. If she felt so threatened, why did she stay on the premises? Google Maps shows a McDonalds, 2 gas stations, Dunkin Donuts, and CVS just 5 blocks away. Ward could have easily just gone to one of those locations.

When Wilson showed up, roughly 15 minutes later, Ward claims Wilson didn’t see her in the driveway next to the house, and that’s why Wilson got out of his truck and went to bang on the door. So, Ward just stood there, not saying anything, when Wilson pulled into the driveway, and continued to say nothing while watching him get out of his truck and go to the door?

Things get even more interesting as Wilson says he picked up a tank of nitrous oxide off the porch and put in the back of his truck, and then went back to bang on the door. He claims that he knows the tank belonged to Ward. Ward says nothing of this. Yet she is able to testify as to his movements from the moment he parked.

So who’s lying to the police, Ward or Wilson?

Ward also gave statements regarding the interaction between Wilson and Nelson in the doorway. How could Ward have seen that if Wilson didn’t see Ward? In order to witness that, Ward would have had to have been between Wilson’s truck and the front door, therefore not giving Wilson a reason to bang on the door, unless Wilson was there to pick a fight.

Joey’s father, Steve, even posted a quick video on his facebook page, in the driveway of the home, explaining how what Ward says is unlikely true.


Also note that these statements were written between 3:30 and 4:00, which is an intentional tactic by the police, knowing that witnesses are less cognizant when they are sleep deprived, and more likely to give contradictory statements, forget key details, or in other ways “misremember” the events in question. The more misinformation given by witnesses, the more likely the police can find ways to charge more people with more crimes.

Futhermore, eyewitness accounts are scientifically proven to be some of least reliable evidence, yet are still considered to be “fact” in legal terms.

The initial paperwork and charging instruments filed by police seem confusing and contradictory, listing Nelson as the victim and Wilson as the perpetrator of multiple crimes, but then they went and charged Nelson with multiple felonies and Wilson with only one.

Things get even more interesting when we turn to the written statements by Lisa Marcoux, one of the witnesses who was in the home when the altercation occurred.

Marcoux claims that Ward said “I’ll get you” to Nelson, as she started to head out the door to wait for her ride. If that’s not demonstrating some sort of intent, I don’t know what is.


To clear up a couple of other questions:

Many have talked about the Marine JAG attorneys getting involved, but as it turns out, they do not get involved in matters involving the civilian world.

Initial rumors propagated by mainstream media pinned this on an argument over a girl that Wilson and Nelson were fighting over. That is clearly #FakeNews.

The police reports also claim that there was a strong order of marijuana in the house and a pipe found on the table, yet no one was arrested on possession of marijuana or paraphernalia.

In a previous story, we reported that Nelson has been denied counsel with his attorney. Here’s a shot of his attorney, Charles Woodards, pointing out the timeframe in which Nelson asked to speak with an attorney. The jail guards would not let Woodards meet with Nelson, despite Woodards even having a Writ Of Habeas Corpus from a judge.

Nelson is rumored to have made bail, thanks largely to the Go Fund Me page set up by his friends and family, and they are awaiting his release. The charges, however, still stand as of this moment.

The Gateway Pundit is continuing to follow this story. Stay tuned for updates as they develop.


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