EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ex-Wife of ‘Feminist’ HuffPost Writer Says He Beat Her In Front of Their Baby

A contributor at the Huffington Post who masquerades as a male “feminist” has been exposed as a convicted domestic abuser. His ex-wife spoke to the Gateway Pundit to share details of her harrowing ordeal, which included him physically abusing her in front of their young daughter.

Christian Chiakulas

Christian Chiakulas, who recently published dubious rape claims against reporter Jordan Chariton in the Huffington Post, was exposed on Wednesday as a convicted domestic abuser whose ex-wife had to obtain a protective order against him for stalking.

“He had punched me so hard I had a black eye. He has thrown me through a wall. Kicked me and beat me,” his ex-wife, Amber Sweeney told the Gateway Pundit. “He shoved me through the wall in front of our little one. She was a baby at the time.”


The records, screenshots and documents on Chiakulas’ past were obtained by lawyer Bill Moran, who is representing Chariton, a former Young Turks reporter. He is currently suing the Huffington Post for $23.5 million over a post in which Chiakulas accused the reporter of being a sexual predator.

Chariton maintains that the article was a hoax which Chiakulas was an active participant in crafting. In a group chat with the accusers, Chiakulas urged the women to beef up their claims by saying “this can’t be a Jordan Chariton is a bad person story, it has to be a Jordan Chariton is a sexual predator story.” The outlet removed the story one day after publication, but refused to issue a retraction.

Dropping the documents about Chiakulas’ past in a post on Medium, Moran revealed the writer’s 2016 domestic violence charge.

Along with the police filing, Moran located a crowdfunding link titled “Divorce from an Abusive Husband.” That campaign was no longer working, so Sweeney has created a new one in an attempt to raise the funds needed to pay a retainer to hire a lawyer and get full custody of her daughter.

In the plea for financial help, Sweeney wrote: “I haven’t received any help from my daughters father as I had filed a restraining order on him for stalking me to my work and attacking me when I got out of work” and “I had forgiven him being physically and mentally abusive.”

I haven’t received any help from my daughters father as I had filed a restraining order on him for stalking me to my work and attacking me when I got out of work. But he hit me with a divorce about 2 weeks ago. And now the court wants to consolidate the order of protection and divorce together. His parents are funding the money for this lawyer and divorce. But I on the other hand am barely making it by. Looking at the retainer alone in order to get a lawyer is mind blowing. I feel like I’m backed into a wall. There is no way I can afford a lawyer. I’m asking for is the retainer of $1,500 for the cheapest lawyer I can find. I know it’s a lot but anything helps. I don’t want to lose my daughter because I couldn’t afford a lawyer. She is my everything,” Sweeney wrote.

Sweeney did not win full custody due to imbalance in ability to pay for legal representation, but she hopes to be able to try again.

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, Sweeney explained what happened on the evening that charges were filed.

“We had been separated for a while and I had started dating someone else. I was getting out of work and my boyfriend at the time was with me. He [Chiakulas] was sitting on my car waiting for me to get out. I didn’t notice him at first, but he approached us angry as hell,” Sweeney told GWP. “He was fuming. He was demanding that I talk to him, but I didn’t want to because he was abusive physically and emotionally for years and I was in the process of getting a divorce with him.”

At this point, Sweeney said that “he took a swing at my boyfriend and punched him in the face. My boyfriend was telling me to get in the car and drive away. He tried to physically pull me out of the car. That didn’t work, so he got in the back seat. I tried to get in my boyfriend’s car next and he kept following me and trying to get me to come with him. We got in the car and filed two charges of battery against him at the police station.”

After the report was filed, the police told Sweeney that she could return to her vehicle — but Chiakulas was still waiting there for her.

“I got in my car and drove off. My boyfriend got in his car to drive away and Christian jumped on top of it, cracking the windshield and denting the hood.”

The second encounter lead to an additional case of destruction of private property.

Chiakulas plead guilty to all three charges, but was only fined for the violence.

A May 24, 2016, post by Chiakulas referred to his ex-wife, and mother of his child, as a “compulsive liar” and claimed that she had been cheating on him. In response, one of her relatives jumped in to assert that “maybe she didn’t like being treated like sh-t and being hit.”

Sweeney also responded to her ex-husband’s post saying that “abuse is never alright,” after one of his friends chimed in to victim-blame her and assert that “cheating is never alright.”

Chiakulas, despite his public support of the “#MeToo” movement, demanded that Sweeney is a “liar” as his friend accused her of being a “cheating whore.”

Moran also discovered a post by Chiakulas in which he claims that he helped their two-year-old daughter spell out the phrase “send nudes” using alphabet magnets.

As well as Chiakulas appearing to fantasize and joke about a “disgraced former Pope” falling in love with a victim of child sexual abuse.

The self-styled “feminist” has also published his belief that the age of consent should be lowered to 16 if the adult in the situation is under 21 and his opinion that incest between adults should be legal — in a public Facebook post.

“He is fake. As fake as they get. He’s also a compulsive liar. He is no feminist,” Sweeney told the Gateway Pundit.

Those who wish to learn more about Sweeney or help her to fight back can visit her crowdfunding page here.

Update: Chiakulas responded to our request for comment following the publication of this interview, which we have updated this story to include.

In his statement, he focused on Chariton to pass the blame, instead of the revelations. When informed that Chariton was not the focus of my story or interview, he told me not to “play stupid.”

“Bill Moran digging into my past is a pathetic attempt to distract from the fact that two women have now accused Jordan Chariton of rape. I have been dealing with my past history of abuse for years and have made great strides in trying to be a better person. I have also been open about it to everyone who knows me (screenshot provided). My personal business is irrelevant to any discussion of Jordan Chariton’s guilt or innocence.

Chiakulas also provided a screenshot of him admitting to being an abuser in a bizarrely self-congratulatory and virtue signalling post last year.

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