Every Senate Democrat Has Refused to Condemn Terrorism by Group DNC Deputy Chair Promoted

Senate Democrats – all of them – have refused to speak out against the terrorism committed by an “activist” group promoted by DNC deputy chairman Keith Ellison.

On January 20, New York City police arrested David Campbell for strangulation, assault, criminal possession of a weapon and three other charges. Campbell had brutally attacked a 56-year-old man for attending “A Night For Freedom,” a party featuring popular libertarian and right-wing speakers including Mike Cernovich, Gavin McInnes, and Stefan Molyneux.

Police arrest David Campbell

Campbell is a member of “Antifa,” an organization that has actually been registered as domestic terrorists by the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security.

On January 3, DNC deputy chairman Ellison tweeted a photo in support of Antifa.

Antifa members have committed several other terrorist acts, including Eric Clanton’s vicious attack with a bike lock on a Donald Trump supporter.

With DNC deputy chairman Keith Ellison tweeting a picture in support of Antifa shortly before and after its members committed well-known terrorist attacks, you might think Senate Democrats would disavow the group when given the chance. You would be wrong.

Independent journalist Remso W. Martinez has contacted every single Democrat Senator, and asked them whether they stand by Ellison after his support for a terrorist group. Not one Senator condemned or disavowed Ellison, his endorsement of Antifa, or even Antifa’s terrorist acts.

“You would have thought that the party of JFK would quickly disavow Marxist inspired violence, but the silence regarding Ellison’s blatant support for a domestic terrorist organization along with a string of assaults and property damage in the weeks past wouldn’t require someone to think twice before issuing even a Tweet,” Martinez told The Gateway Pundit.

“They are so addicted to verbally attacking our President that they have chosen to ignore ANTIFA physically attacking people in the streets.”


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