Elizabeth Warren Awkwardly Responds to Potential Oprah 2020 Run: ‘I Don’t Know About That’ (VIDEO)

When asked by TMZ on Monday about the possibility of Oprah Winfrey running for president in 2020, Senator Elizabeth Warren seemed less-than-thrilled.

Speculation of a Warren run in 2020 has been brewing, particularly among the more progressive side of the Democratic Party.

“Ms. Warren, the world is buzzing that Oprah will run for president. What do you think her chances are?” TMZ asked the senator during an encounter at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC.


“I don’t know about that,” Warren responded. “I’m just glad to see her using her voice out there. She is a strong and powerful woman who has a lot to say.”

The reporter then asked if the Massachusetts senator would consider being the television host’s running mate, drawing laughter and a “no” response from Warren.

“No,” Warren laughed, before pivoting to assert that “Oprah is a great leader.”

Along with progressives, many Republicans are also hoping for Warren to throw her hat into the ring in 2020.

“She is quite possibly the only candidate who could convince some of the Republicans who have been hesitant to support Trump to vote for him,” Ryan Williams, a longtime aide to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, told McClatchy earlier this month. “There’s no question she would rally the Democratic base, but she’d alienate swing voters and moderate Republicans who have not exactly warmed to Trump. She has the ability to convince some middle-of-the-road Republicans who are wary of Trump to pull the lever for him because she’s so divisive and radical.”


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