Dear Oprah, I Worked in Middle America for 20 Years Where We Don’t Treat Women Like Cheap Whores

On Sunday night Oprah Winfrey lectured the nation and white males for Hollywood rapes and sexual assaults.

Since November over fifty men from liberal Hollywood and far left circles have been accused of sexual assault, abuse and rape.

Oprah lectured the nation for the Hollywood rapes.


In Hollywood they treat women — and men — like cheap whores.  They are groped, sexually assaulted, used as sex toys, and then discarded to the trash bin.

Instead of directing her speech at the creeps in Hollywood, Oprah lectured the rest of America.

Oprah did not condemn Harvey Weinstein. Rather than admit that the rape epidemic is a problem unique to Hollywood, the media and the entertainment industry, Oprah generalized the crisis as “one that transcends any culture, geography, race, religion, politics or workplace.”

In her speech Oprah brought up the rape of a black girl by six armed white men in 1944 – 74 years ago.

She ended her speech by insisting a new day is on the horizon.

Let’s hope so.

Now here’s a response to Oprah’s cowardly talk.

I worked 20 years in Middle America. I worked as a fermentation operator, a chemist, a bartender at a Chinese restaurant, a corporate trainer, insurance sales, human resources, a bean walker, lifeguard and corporate speaker. I worked at chemical plants, outloading facilities, door to door sales, swimming pools, bars, restaurants, a soap manufacturing plant, an office cube, bean and corn fields, and at a chicken farm in Iowa.

There was not one instance of rape that I was aware of.

I never heard of a single time when an employer called a prospective employee into his or her office and groped them, raped them or posed naked and masturbated.

There was not one instance of sexual misconduct that was not addressed swiftly and appropriately. In one instance an old-timer put his paws all over women when he came into a room.  Sort of like Joe Biden.  He was disciplined and sent offsite to “classes.” And he wasn’t raping women or grabbing their privates. He was touching their shoulders.

Oprah took the cheap way out on Sunday. She spread Hollywood’s blame to the rest of America. It was an insulting and offensive display.

We don’t need your lectures in Middle America, Oprah.
We don’t treat women at work like cheap whores.

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