Crazy Pelosi Slams Trump Tax Cut Bonuses as”Crumbs” and “Pathetic” — But Praised Obama for $40 Tax Break

Last Thursday Walmart stores announced one million workers will get bonus earnings thanks to the Trump tax cuts.

That means the total number of Americans receiving Trump tax cut bonuses is now over 2,000,000!

But House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) trashed the bonuses.
She said $1,000 bonuses are just crumbs.

Pelosi called them “crumbs” and “pathetic” in a press conference last Thursday.

Botox Pelosi is one of the wealthiest members of Congress; she is completely removed from the everyday working American.

And back in 2011 Pelosi praised a $40 Obama bonus.
What an out of touch hypocrite.


And for the record… There was not a single piece of legislation Obama passed that gave American workers $40 each paycheck.
So that was a total lie too.

The woman is shameless.

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