CRAZY PELOSI: ‘God Bless’ the Illegal Alien DREAMERS and ‘Their Parents For Bringing Them Here’ (VIDEO)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) once again proved she is on the side of the illegal invaders and against the American people.

On Thursday crazy Pelosi said in a presser “God bless” the DREAMERS then continued to praise the illegal alien parents for breaking federal law and bringing them here.

In response to being asked whether a DACA deal is worth shutting down the government, Pelosi immediately became condescending.

“This is not a shut down over DACA. How many times do I need to say this? As I said, if there had never been one DACA, one DREAMER, thank God that there are. God bless them and their parents for bringing them here…” Pelosi said.

Have you ever heard Democrats say ‘God bless the hard working tax paying American citizens’?

Old bat Pelosi also referred to illegal alien DREAMERS as ‘Californians’ during the presser. The Democrats don’t even try to hide their lawlessness anymore. Nancy Pelosi praised invaders for entering the United States illegally then referred to them as American citizens.

The Democrats now believe in order to become an American citizen all you have to do is cross the border and refuse to leave. To hell with federal immigration laws. To hell with American citizens who pay billions of dollars for the invaders.

A leaked memo reveals Democrats absolutely need DREAMers in order to have future electoral success.

This is why the Democrats are fighting like hell for DACA recipients.

The median age of a DACA recipient is 23 years old. They are not hopeless babies and toddlers like the media would like you to believe.

Many DREAMers are of voting age and WILL VOTE DEMOCRAT. The ones who have yet to be of voting age will most certainly vote Democrat and permanently entrench the Democrat party.

President Trump MUST keep his campaign promise and deport DACA recipients or we can say goodbye to our voices.

VIDEO via Free Beacon: