Crackpot Democrat Governor Warns There Are Only 59 Days Left to Save the World from Global Warming

The continental US just went through one of its coldest streaks in American history this year.

The fist week of 2018 was the coldest on record in dozens of cities in the Eastern, Midwest and Southeastern US.

Hundreds of winter cold records were smashed across the country this month.

It even snowed in the Sahara Desert this week.

But that still won’t stop Democrats from pushing global warming junk science.

Democrat Governor Jay Inslee of Washington today warned there were only 59 days left to save the world from global warming.

This is the kind of insanity the Democrat leaders are pushing in America today.
How can anyone in their right mind vote for this craziness?

Inslee wants to pass some kind of new tax on the people so he warned them to vote for his legislation or face annihilation.
And idiot leftists will buy this nonsense.

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