CNN FAKE NEWS WAR: Jake Tapper Calls Out Brian Stelter For His Journalistic Standard


CNN’s Jake Tapper called out colleague Brian Stelter for his questionable journalistic standard on Saturday.

It’s funny to watch 2 CNN reporters discuss journalistic standards. CNN believes reporting President Trump had scoops of ice cream and asking whether the president is afraid of stairs is considered journalism.

CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ host Brian Stelter tweeted, “I stand corrected: I thought this RNC ad misquoted me, but the quote came from a TV hit. So I’ve deleted my previous tweet about this. Big picture point: Wolff’s errors are sloppy, but many Trump experts say the book “rings true” overall. My advice: Read it — skeptically”

Stelter tweeted this in response to the GOP reporting ‘the reviews are in’ regarding Michael Wolff’s new book ‘Fire and Fury’. Stelter is quoted as saying, “Real factual errors…makes you wonder about the overall content.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper scolded Brian Stelter and said, “Having many errors but “ringing true” is not a journalistic standard. OUCH!

Conservative Twitter had fun taunting Tapper and Stelter for their fake news war…

Tapper responded to Arthur Schwartz, “Wasn’t meant as calling out Brian at all. Was commentary based on facts he asserted, with which I agree.”

The pile on continued…