Calls Grow for Failed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Step Down (VIDEO)

Former GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz joined other Republican leaders to call for failed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to step down.

Sessions is responsible for the continued illegal and unconstitutional witch hunt against President Trump by far left activists in the DOJ.

Jason Chaffetz: This is why myself, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, there are a number of us who believe it is time for Attorney General Sessions to go. I don’t think he’s effective. I think there are major systemic problems within the Department of Justice that aren’t being addressed. All the things going on in the world and the Attorney General is worried about legalizing pot!… I think he’s off track… And I do think two bad things the president’s done. Allowing John Koskinen to continue to run the IRS for an additional year, even though he’s gone. And the appointment of Jeff Sessions.

On Thursday FOX Business Network host Lou Dobbs once again called on Sessions to resign.


And President Trump has been vocal on Twitter on his displeasure with the failed AG.

Via Varney and Co.:

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