Brrr… NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis ALL Hit Record Cold Temperatures – Sioux City Tops List at -24°

All-time record cold temperatures swept across the continental United States this weekend.

Several cities experienced record cold temperatures to start out the new year.
US Wind Chill Map for Monday January 2, 2018:

As President Trump said, “Perhaps we could use some of that good old global warming.”


Several major cities have already hit cold temperature records this year.

Including Buffalo, New York:

Sioux City, Iowa:
Sioux City, Iowa, fell to minus 24 degrees late Sunday and early Monday, marking the coldest temperature in the city since Dec. 23, 1989. That low temperature also set daily record lows for Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 in Sioux City.

And several major US cities:
Numerous cities saw record-cold high temperatures (current standing record-cold high for Jan. 1 and the year it was set is shown):

** New York City: 19 degrees (Old record: 24 in 1940)
** Chicago: 1 degree (Old record: 5 degrees 1969)
** Charleston, South Carolina: 34 degrees (Old record: 45 degrees 2001) – Also broke a record low
** Portland, Maine: 10 degrees (Old record: 13 degrees 1967) – Also broke a record low

Minneapolis/St. Paul only managed a high of minus 6 degrees, which tied the record-cold high temperature for the date, originally set Dec. 30, 1976.

Yes, we could use some of that good old global warming about now!

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