BREAKING: Rep. Gaetz Calls on Congress to Release SHOCKING Secret FISA Memo “That Threatens Democracy at Its Core” (VIDEO)

Rep. Gaetz Warns — Secret FISA Memo Threatens Democracy At Its Core — Calls for Its Release

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) joined Liz Clamon Thursday on FOX Business Network to discuss an intelligence memo of a memo he was just given that involves the foreign intelligence surveillance program.

Rep. Gaetz told Liz,

“The allegations contained in this important intelligence document go to the very foundations of our democracy and they require an immediate release to the public in my opinion.”

Gaetz said he could not talk about the facts in the memo only his observation.


He was VERY disturbed about the FISA memo he read earlier today.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: I am calling on our leadership to immediately hold a vote on the floor of the house to make public the key contents of this intelligence memo regarding the FBI, the Department of Justice and President Trump.

Liz Claman: Would you recommend in calling for this vote it supersede the vote on the continuing resolution tonight? Be part of it, how would that work?

Rep. Matt Gaetz: We could to it simultaneously, anytime. The speaker could put on the floor a measure that would allow us to release to the public the critical allegations. I cannot stress how important they are in this memo. And they could put put it on the floor anytime. They could do it simultaneous with the continuing resolution.

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