BOOM! White House Voicemail Trolls Dems: ‘We Can’t Take Your Call Right Now Because Congressional Dems Are Holding Funding Hostage’ (AUDIO)

The Trump administration is putting America first and the Senate Democrats dug in their heels Friday night, shutting down the government in favor of illegal aliens.

The Schumer Shutdown went in to effect shortly after midnight Saturday.

The White House immediately came out swinging and attacked Chuck Schumer and obstructionist loser Democrats.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders released a blistering statement late Friday night on the Senate Democrats blocking funding the federal government in favor of amnesty for illegal alien DACA recipients.


The White House then changed their voicemail blasting Congressional Democrats for holding government funding hostage for their precious voting block (illegal aliens).

President Trump is showing the entire country that the Dems care not for our military. The Dems care more about illegal aliens who have done nothing good for the United States.

The voicemail says, “Thank you for calling the White House. Unfortunately we cannot answer your call today because Congressional Democrats are holding government funding including for our troops and other national security priorities hostage to an unrelated immigration debate.”

VIDEO via Fox & Friends:

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