Bernie Sanders Wears $700 Coat To Swear In Corrupt NYC Mayor For Second Term

Bill de Blasio, much considered to be one of the worst mayors in New York City’s history, chose nutjob Socialist Bernie Sanders to swear him in for a second term this weekend.

Bernie decided to do it up for the poorly attended ceremony and wore his $700 Burton jacket (an overpriced brand typically worn by yuppie snowboarding youth).

Mayor de Blasio dressed, perhaps, a little more modestly than Sanders, but he made sure to have his wife and children in the background. Many consider de Blasio’s use of his multicultural family to be his primary, if not only, political tool.

More about Bernie’s style via Daily Wire:

The septuagenarian senator wore a $690 Burton 2L LZ down jacket pulled up around his ears as he administered de Blasio’s oath of office in the subzero weather, even though de Blasio and his family were dressed (also to the nines) in tailored wool and faux fur.

It’s not the first time Bernie’s worn this jacket; true to form, he bundled up in the Burton coat for Donald Trump’s inauguration last year, though the temps in Washington, D.C., at the time were just fine for a more acceptably professional look.

If you’d like to copy Bernie’s faux-progressive look, though, you may have to shell out a little more than the Vermont senator. Burton is only carrying one version of the coat right now, and it’s $899. It will probably go on clearance later in the season, after the Vermont snowboarders and ski bums have retired to tend bar in warmer climates out west. Or you could just paw through the local donations bin for a suitable, if slightly less bourgeois alternative.


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