Did Author Michael Wolff Fabricate Quote of Billionaire Confidant Bashing Trump For His New Book?

Did author Michael Wolff fabricate a quote for his highly anticipated book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House“? 

According to Wolff, billionaire and Trump confidant Thomas Barrack Jr., has harsh words for the President.

Trump is not spared. Wolff writes that Thomas Barrack Jr, a billionaire who is one of the president’s oldest associates, allegedly told a friend: “He’s not only crazy, he’s stupid.”

Yet, according to the New York Times‘ Maggie Haberman, Barrack told her the quote is “totally false.”

“Barrack said he spoke to Wolffe once, says he never said the quote attributed to him to Wolffe or anyone. “Totally false,” Barrack said by phone just now. Tom Barrack adds, “It’s clear to anyone who knows me that those aren’t my words and inconsistent with anything I’ve ever said.” He says Wolffe never ran that quote by him to ask if it was accurate,” tweeted Haberman.

Barrack is a loyal friend of President Trump.

The two have a relationship spanning decades in the real estate business. The billionaire real estate mogul spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention and was a member of the President’s inauguration committee.

Barrack reportedly turned down a high-level position in the Trump administration, telling the President he could help him from outside Washington with “no skin in the game.”

Wolff has yet to respond to Barrack’s accusation.


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