ANTIFA TERRORISTS Target Random Small Businesses in Atlanta, Admit to Smashing Windows, Vandalism

Antifa terrorists have been on a mission to target small businesses that they believe are guilty of “gentrification” in Atlanta’s Cabbagetown neighborhood.

The group claims that by moving nice businesses into rundown neighborhoods, they are displacing poor residents by making the areas more desirable and therefore driving up rent prices.

To combat this “gentrification,” members of Atlanta Antifa have been terrorizing a small business called “Sock Fancy,” which simply sells unique socks.

“On the night of January 6th, we smashed out all 3 of the remaining windows on Sock Fancy, the self-proclaimed “awesomely random sock shop” in the Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta,” an anarchist wrote in a communique published on popular Antifa website It’s Going Down.

The attack on the local business was the second time they have been targeted by these politically motivated individuals. The shop, they claim, still had not been able to repair the damage from the first attack.

“This is the second time in just over 2 months that Sock Fancy has had their windows smashed out. Still to this day, Sock Fancy has yet to repair their window from the last attack. The veneer of their shop has been boarded up for almost two months.Sock Fancy is a small part of a larger trend of gentrification in the Cabbagetown neighbrohood[sic]. We do not care if this business is ‘local’ or not, since it caters to an audience of milquetoast hipsters that are nowhere in the world,” the Antifa terrorist wrote.

On Thanksgiving Day, the same group took credit on the website for vandalizing Sock Fancy and a store called Brother Moto, a coffee bar and garage for motorcycle enthusiasts. They broke a window and claimed that they used a fire extinguisher filled with white paint to cover the ones that remained.

The terror group hopes that their targeting of Sock Fancy and other businesses will make others think twice about moving their businesses into the city.

“With this small action we hope to send a firm statement to all gentrifying businesses that have their sights set on Atlanta: Atlanta is not a stable environment for your business. Our city has a strong history of resistance to gentrification and capitalism. A history that includes blockading highways and setting fire to train tracks, storming airports and tearing down white supremacist monuments. You will not be welcomed here, you will be run the fuck out. Trust us, you ain’t seen nothin yet,” the communique continued.

The statement concluded, “We don’t beef on social sites, we just hit our targets.”

“I get it. Atlanta is growing and there are too many overpriced condos going in,”Jared Erickson of Brother Moto told the Atlanta Loop after their business was targeted. “But to deface two small businesses that live in your community in the act of ‘protest’ is the silliest thing I’ve heard. Do a little research into the business’s you are ‘protesting.’ You are causing the very thing you are ‘fighting.’ A small business will not be able to stay in these areas and you will have a Starbucks instead.”

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