Antifa Anarchists Call for International Day of Action on January 20

Still reeling from President Donald Trump’s election, Antifa anarchists are calling for an international day of action for the anniversary on January 20.

The call to action published on the popular Antifa website It’s Going Down urges people across the globe to participate in solidarity with those who were arrested during the inauguration for rioting and causing chaos and mayhem in Washington, DC.

During the riot six police officers were injured, businesses were vandalized, multiple people were assaulted and a limousine was spray painted and set on fire. The cost of the damage to the city was estimated to be approximately $100,000 by the US Attorney’s office.


The felony rioting charges against the first group of six rioters were dropped by DC Superior Court Judge Lynn Leibovitz, but there are still 188 people who were arrested that day and have to stand trial.

In the call to action to support the rioters, the anonymous contributor wrote that “as the Trump administration brings the world to the brink of disaster on an almost daily basis, it is important to stand with those in the United States who risked their freedom to oppose him from his first day in office. The Inauguration Day protests set the tone for much of resistance that would come and affirmed that the Trump administration and its far right allies would not be unopposed. Subsequently, people around the country used direct action to shut down nearly every international airport in the country in a historic protest that temporarily halted the new government’s anti-immigrant and Islamophobic policies.”

The website does not specify what they hope the “solidarity” on this day of action will look like, but frequently promotes the use of black bloc techniques and rioting.

“This is a call for an international day of solidarity on January 20, 2018. Solidarity actions from around the world have warmed the hearts of defendants at a time when they are facing intense repression. Moreover, they are part of a political praxis that recognizes we are engaged in a shared struggle that transcends borders. We ask for solidarity not as an act of charity, but as a gesture towards shared complicity in the effort to resist the Trump administration and the future it seeks to impose.”

Seeing as DNC Deputy Chair Rep. Keith Ellison just endorsed the Antifa Handbook and wrote on Twitter that the violent communist literature will “strike fear into the heart” of President Trump, we need to make sure that he and his party are held accountable for any damage or chaos that occurs on January 20.

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