Ann Coulter Slays Amnesty-Loving Senate Democrats Over #SchumerShutdown

Conservative firebrand and twelve-time New York Times bestselling author, Ann Coulter, took Senate Democrats to task Saturday for shutting down the federal government over amnesty for illegal aliens. 

“Why don’t Dems want it known that they’re shutting down the govt over amnesty? I thought “the polls” showed voters LOVE about amnesty?” Coulter tweeted.

“You can tell what’s popular by what politicians lie about. Dems don’t want ANYONE to know they’re shutting govt down to force thru an amnesty.”

Coulter kept the punches rolling, tweeting, “Step 1) Make Americans think they must be nuts by citing phony polls showing voters LOVE amnesty; Step 2) Don’t let anyone know Dems just shut down govt over amnesty.”

According to a Fox News poll from last September, 83% of voters support a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.

The same poll claims 63% of Trump voters favor “granting Dreamers citizenship.”

However, a poll conducted by Morning Consult and POLITICO tells a different story about how Americans view granting amnesty to “Dreamers.”

Breitbart News reports:

In a new poll by Morning Consult and Politico, just 29 percent of Americans said allowing illegal aliens on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to permanently remain in the United States and receive a pathway to citizenship was a priority.

Support for amnesty for DACA illegal aliens has dropped 10 points among Americans since Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in September on behalf of President Trump’s administration that the Obama-era program would ultimately be ended in March 2018.

Even among Americans who are Democrats, support for an amnesty for DACA illegal aliens has fallen to less than 50 percent. Only 44 percent of Democratic voters said giving amnesty to DACAs needed to be a priority for Congress.

As laid out in a GOP email sent Saturday morning, a large majority of Americans agree with President Trump that it was wrong for Democrats to shut down the federal government over DACA.

Per the email:

1. More Americans polled said avoiding a shutdown is more important than continuing DACA.

“A majority of Americans, 56%, said approving a budget to avoid a government shutdown was more important for Congress to do than passing a bill to maintain the DACA program. Only one in three Americans, 34%, said they prioritized a DACA fix over avoiding a shutdown.”

2. Independents agree with Republicans on these issues

“Most independents fell in line with Republicans on the crucial choices facing both parties as a government shutdown approached. …a majority of independents, 57%, said they prioritized avoiding a government shutdown over finding a DACA solution. Only 34% said a DACA solution is more important.”


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