Analysis: Is The MSM To Blame For Current Trump – Bannon Conflict?

The history of the now infamous Trump/Bannon feud was thoroughly misunderstood by the majority of media outlets. To the outsider, it appeared like everything was hunky dory coming off of the election, but almost instantly there was conflict between Bannon and Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law.

The media fanned the flames when it came to Bannon’s role in the winning of the election and in the management of the White House. The major rift, again, to the outsider, was stemming from the media’s claim that Bannon was “the Great Manipulator”, among many other sinister titles. It painted the President as a puppet and it painted Bannon as an evil supervillain and it was also spurred on by conflicting points of view on the matter by both the President and Bannon.

By the time the honeymoon phase was over, Bannon and Kushner were battling in spectacular fashion in front of the media with the majority of the attacks coming from Bannon. From the moment that it leaked into the public sphere, it became a seeming power struggle between Bannon and Kushner with the prize being the president’s ear.

Then came the removal of Bannon from his White House role as chief strategist. Trump has since called the former chief strategist a “staffer”, asserting that Bannon rarely, if ever, had one-on-one time with the president. This, coupled with the constant barrage of leaks, made for a tense scene inside the White House and it was, yet again, playing out in the media.


Kushner won out ultimately but Bannon went on the offensive playing with the media. He continued to work for the populist agenda on the outside and continued to build the story of his role relative to the success of the Trump campaign.

Then came the Alabama Senate race, which ended up becoming a massive quagmire and marked a loss that would end a thirty-year legacy of Republicans holding that particular seat in the Senate. It would be wrong to blame Bannon for the loss in Alabama solely; much of the blame rests on McConnell’s shoulders. Beyond that, Bannon is not the candidate and the candidate ultimately must be responsible for their campaign at a certain point.

In statements Bannon made to Michael Wolff for his book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”, Bannon stated that the meeting between Don Jr. and the lawyer with Russian connections was treasonous. While the author, Michael Wolff, is by no means a “journalist” and has a history of distorting facts and misquoting people, the statements Wolff claimed came from Bannon prompted the response from the President today wherein he more or less condemns the “power-hungry” behavior of his former chief strategist. Bannon was even blamed for leaks that would inflate his importance, relative to the Trump statement today. These flames were, once again, fanned by the MSM with the always hacks over at NYT declaring “Trump Breaks With Bannon.”

Beyond this, Bannon has left behind him a slew of poor PR performances in light of his wishing to be on the good side of the president, to push forward an agenda he believes in, but the way Trump has reacted has caused a stir among supporters and likely will cause a great deal of confusion.

In May of 2017, Bannon and Kushner’s beef was on full display and the cracks in the pavement became more and more obvious.

Back around August 21 of last year, Bannon was having Breitbart rumble with impeachment talk.

From there the craziness has increased and the book represents the tipping point for the president. In the President’s mind, the media has been reporting that Bannon is trying to take something away from him that he worked incredibly hard to earn. From SNL claiming that Bannon was pulling all the strings of the presidency to these most recent developments, one thing is clear: the MSM was always fearful of Bannon and Trump; they always saw Bannon’s proximity to the President as dangerious to their far-left agendas and will continue their attempts to cause rifts between the two.

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