Why Would Americans Trust AG Sessions to Drain the Swamp Now? His Actions to Date Show He is the Swamp! More and More Calls for His Removal!

Guest post by Joe Hoft

CNN reported “Sessions’ agenda at DOJ reflects Trump’s, despite rocky relationship” – what a joke! Sessions has been beyond disappointing.  He’s aligned himself with the deep state.

CNN recently listed Jeff Sessions’ accomplishments as US Attorney General as follows –

In an October memo, he directed all US attorneys to implement new violent crime reduction strategies as part of the renewed DOJ program Project Safe Neighborhoods…

Sessions has spotlighted the gang’s [MS-13] brutality and cross-border connections…

The DOJ has sought in court — with mixed success — to salvage another of the President’s signature agenda items: the travel ban…

the withdrawal of several DOJ directives that appeared to lessen protections for transgender people…

Amid calls for more investigations by the President and several Republican members of Congress, Sessions has initiated multiple reviews, in addition to a probe launched separately by the DOJ Inspector General…

What an absolute joke! With all that was wrong with the DOJ and FBI, this is the result!

Before the election there were cries to “Drain the Swamp” and “Lock Her Up” –

But nothing to date has been accomplished to address either by this AG. Instead, a short time after he was sworn in, AG Sessions recused himself from anything Russia, brought in creepy Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein who then immediately brought in corrupt Robert Mueller to partake in an illegal, wide-open, unconstitutional witch hunt into President Trump!

Hillary walks free in spite of more and more information of widespread criminal activity with the Clinton Foundation and the Obama Administration. The FBI is utterly corrupt at the top and the DOJ is as well. 

Day after day, we the people, hear and read of more and more criminal activity within these institutions.  Sessions ignores or announces investigations into these actions by deep state personnel.  Criminals in the FBI continue to work and get paid.  Americans continue to pay their bills.  Mueller commits crimes, steals documents under attorney – client privledge and is allowed to continue.

Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us.

More and more Americans are demanding Jeff Sessions to resign or be removed –

The US has no more shame to spare. Sessions must go – America needs a strong AG not Jeff Benedict Arnold Sessions.  We all know that if the deep state, the Clintons and the Obama Administration and all these criminals who committed criminal acts are not brought to justice – there will be no America left for our children!  In Jesus’ Name – Drain the swamp and Lock her up!

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