Alabama Running Back Denies He Yelled “F**k Trump!” Before Game… You be the Judge! (VIDEO)

On Monday video was posted by the Sporting News that shows an Alabama football player, identified as running back Bo Scarbrough, yelling, “F*** Trump!” as the team heads through the bowels of Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta for the College Football Championship game Monday night.

President Donald Trump was in attendance for the game where roaring cheers from the crowd swamped any boos. Trump stood on the field for the playing of the National Anthem. Alabama and Georgia players came on the field afterward.

Bo Scarbrough, number nine on far left, was identified as the player who yelled, “F*** Trump!”


But now Bo Scarbrough is retracting his comments saying he did not scream “F*ck Trump!” he was screaming something else.

Bo Scarbrough: If y’all really listen I said Georgia smh about y’all people in this world.

That doesn’t even make sense.
Good luck with that NFL draft, Bo.

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