Adam Schiff Pushes Absurd Theory After Damning Strzok-Page Texts Reveal “Secret Society” Within FBI Working Against Trump

Last week, the House Intelligence Committee quietly voted to make available to fellow House members “a memo documenting abuse of the FISA program,” reports Fox News’ Chad Pergram.

News of the FISA memo spread like wildfire on social media. Trump supporters pushed a #ReleaseTheMemo campaign after GOP Reps came forward demanding the document be released to the American public.

Ranking member of the House Intel Committee and suspected leaker, Adam Schiff (D-CA) is desperate to keep this FISA memo under wraps as he is at the center of covering up the FISA abuse that took place under the Obama administration.

Schiff fiercely worked to block Chairman Nunes from exposing the illegal unmasking and FISA abuse that took place during the 2016 presidential election, hitting him with a bogus ethics probe for 8 months.


Damning Strzok-Page text messages revealed a “secret society” of people in the FBI and DOJ were meeting offsite to plot against Donald Trump so Schiff came out with an absurd theory in order to distract from the media firestorm.

Leaker Adam Schiff is in spin mode with his absurd conspiracy theories.

First it’s “Russian bots“, not Americans on social media asking to #ReleaseTheMemo, now he’s claiming this is all a response to Mueller getting closer to finding Russian collusion.

According to Schiff, every time Mueller makes a move, the Republicans respond with lies.

In reality, it’s the complete opposite. Every time the Deep State gets exposed for their attempted coup of a sitting president, Mueller and the Dems roll out yet another fake news story.

Schiff tweeted, “Mueller subpoenas Bannon, Nunes produces spin memo; Mueller interviews Sessions, Johnson claims secret society in FBI; Mueller calls in the President, then what does GOP do…”

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