WINNING! POTUS Trump: We’re Ending the Visa Lottery; We’re Ending Chain Migration (VIDEO)

The Senate approved Trump’s tax bill 51-48 in a midnight showdown.

This is the biggest tax overhaul in 30 years.

President Trump touted the historic tax and jobs bill in a presser Wednesday. He also said the visa lottery and chain migration will be eliminated. AMEN!

President Trump put the MS-13 gang members on notice as he began to talk about the new immigration crackdown.

He then moved to other loopholes created by Democrats such as chain migration and the visa lottery system.

“We will be closing the loopholes…we will be getting rid of chain migration and the visa lottery program. We have a lottery program where we take in a lottery of people from countries, some places…we are bringing in some very bad, bad people,” Trump said.

“Through chain migration and through the lottery the man that ran over people on the west side highway in Manhattan a month ago–2 months ago, he came in through the visa lottery,” Trump continued.

“We don’t want this group of people anymore. People who met him in the neighborhood all said he was horrible, nasty, mean, wouldn’t talk to people. They could see it coming!” Trump said.

Trump said we aren’t getting the best people with the lottery system so it’s coming to an end.

Up to 24 people came into the United States with that Manhattan terrorist which is why Trump said he is ending chain migration.

Not only are these migrants actually killing us, they are leeching off of our welfare system while Americans break their backs working. Many Americans have also suffered chronic unemployment or underemployment.

Thank God we have a president who is putting Americans first!