‘Whistleblower’ Account Claiming Flynn Sent Text About Ending Russia Sanctions Just Took A Massive Blow

A whistleblower claiming to have been privy to text messages exchanged between ACU Strategic Partners official, Alex Copson, and then-incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, appears to have been lying. Flynn had reportedly told Copson that sanctions against Russia would be “ripped up,” in an effort to boost relations between Washington and Moscow. According to AT&T phone records, the conversation did not take place as the whistleblower claims.

POLITICO reports:

In an account provided to Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) in June — but made public only last week — the whistleblower said Alex Copson, a top official at ACU Strategic Partners, bragged on Inauguration Day about his relationship with Flynn, at one point flipping around his phone to reveal the text about the deal to build nuclear plants across the Middle East.

The whistleblower also said Copson said sanctions against Russia would be “ripped up” to make room for the deal.

But in a letter to Cummings dated Friday, Thomas Cochran, a top ACU official, said the whistleblower’s account was inaccurate, attaching AT&T phone records that he said show Copson did not get a text from Flynn that day. […]

He said that text was from a friend who attended the same function where the whistleblower claimed to witness Copson’s boasting.

“The only text message Mr. Copson received on Inauguration Day came at 1:49 p.m.,” Cochran wrote.

“Since Mr. Copson did not receive a text message from General Flynn during the Inauguration, other allegations of the ‘whistleblower’ are equally false and unfounded,” wrote Cochran added.

The news comes amid reports that another whistleblower told Rep Ron DeSantis (R-FL) that he witnessed a senior FBI executive suggest the Bureau had a personal motive behind targeting Flynn with the purpose of ruining his career.

A video of this exchange between FBI brass and agents commenting on ruining Flynn’s career may exist.

As previously reported, Fox News host Sean Hannity and Circa News reporter Sara A. Carter teamed up to reveal that Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok interviewed former National Security advisor Michael Flynn.

Michael Flynn plead guilty to lying to FBI agents about making contact with Russian Ambassador Kislyak during the transition period.