VIDEO: Palestinians Dox Trump Supporters Over Street Protest Argument in Los Angeles

The scene is a street in Los Angeles on Sunday where a Palestinian-American family is walking to attend Palestinian rally to protest President Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The family passes a mix-raced family of Trump supporters who apparently were there to counter-protest. The two sides engage in a debate or argument–the videos don’t start with the beginning of the confrontation. At one point it is claimed by the Palestinians the Trump supporters called a five-year-old Palestinian girl holding a “Dump Trump” sign a “terrorist”.

The male Trump supporter (correctly) says Palestinians dress their children as terrorist bombers, as this Getty Images file photo shows.

(NOTE: Regardless, one shouldn’t verbally attack little children, even if they’re holding a sign you don’t like. But this doesn’t mean you should be doxxed over it either.)


The two sides engaged each other in crude, foul-mouthed angry verbal punches and counter-punches for a few minutes. Normally that’s where the dispute would end. But this being the era of revenge-via Internet, one of the Palestinians posted video of their side of the argument Sunday night with a call for the Trump supporters to be doxxed.

“Twitter do your thing. Identify these people they were calling my 5 year old cousin a terrorist. Thanks”

As of Monday afternoon the tweet had about 25,000 retweets and about 25,000 likes. The thread below the video includes posts by people who took up the request and doxxed the Trump supporters. Their alleged names, work and school information were posted along with copies of contacts made to ruin them over a nasty political debate.

Video taken by the Trump supporters shows the male Trump supporter repeatedly telling the Palestinian women to “(perform oral sex on him”).

Author’s note: Speaking as someone who has organized, led and participated in close to a thousand conservative protests, demonstrations and rallies, the behavior on both sides was wrong and hurts both their causes. However, it is not a cause for doxxing. But this is what the Left does these days. They ruin your life because they don’t like what you say or if you don’t share their doctrinaire belief system.

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